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Favorite Jokers - Zack's TED Talk On Pokemon Go - Augustyn Teaches The Flash 101

October 20, 2019

PROGRAMMING NOTE: Comic Playground is becoming 'The Frank Caliendo Cast Is Nerding Out' and will become an offshoot of the Frank Caliendo Cast where the Comic Playground Crew joins the Caliendo Cast to discuss 'Nerding Out' topics. FUTURE posts will be posted at where you can download and subscribe.

SO THEN, in this FIRST episode of The Frank Caliendo Cast Is Nerding Out, The Caliendo Cast of Frank & John Holmberg share some final opinions on The Joker and how it seems to be resonating with audiences. Then The Comic Playground Crew of Brian Augustyn, Zack Colman, Adonnis Blake & Donny Ivory join the fray to discuss their favorite 'Jokers', Zack Colman gives a superb TED Talk-style dissertation on Pokemon Go, and Brian Augustyn teaches a 101 course on The Flash.

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